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Giovanni Stanghellini, Md and Doctor in Philosophy honoris causa


Born in Siena (Italy) July 29, 1960

Address: Viale don Minzoni 45 – 50129 Florence (Italy)

Telephone: +39 3473790707

Email: giostan@libero.it




  • graduated in Medicine in 1986 (summa cum laude) at Florence University discussing a thesis on "Self-deception and authenticity".

  • He specialized at Florence University in Psychiatry in 1990 discussing a thesis on "Basic-synptoms as the phenomenological face of negative-symptoms" (summa cum laude).

academic carrer


  • From 1990 till 2004: psychiatrist in the Mental Health Services/University of Florence.

  • In 1994-1995: CNR (National Council for Research) grant for a period of study and research at Heidelberg University.

  • in 2002-2003: visiting researcher at Copenhagen University.

  • From 2005 till 2011: associate professor of Dynamic Psychology at Chieti University.

  • From 2011 till 2014 Professore Straordinario and since 2014 Full Professor in the same University.

  • Since 2013: profesor adjuncto at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago (Chile).


Roles in International Organization


  • Co-founder the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry,

  • founding chair of the section Philosophy and Psychiatry of the European Psychiatric Association

  • chair of the section Psychiatry and the Humanities of the World Psychiatric Association.

  • co-founder of the Società Italiana per la Psicopatologia Fenomenologica

  • co-founder and Chair of the Scuola di Psicoterapia e Fenomenologia clinica.


Roles in Journals and Academc Publishers


  • Co-founder and co-editor of the series International perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry (Oxford University Press).

  • He has been associate editor of the journal Psychopathology, official journal of the WPA Sections on Clinical Psychopathology and Nosography and Classification.

  • member of the editorial board of the journal Psychopathology

  • member of the Editorial Board of the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology

  • member of the editorial board of Comprendre. Archive International de Phénomenologie.

  • member of the editorial board of PNS. Psychiatrie et Neuroscience

  • member of the Consejo Editorial International of Archivos de Psiquiatria.

  • member of the Editorial Board of South African Journal of Psychiatry


  • He is ad hoc reviewer of the following international Publishers and Journals:

    • Oxford University Press,

    • Cambridge University Press,

    • Routledge,

    • Schizophrenia Bulletin,

    • Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease,

    • European Psychiatry,

    • Psychopathology,

    • Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology,

    • Journal of Affective Disorders,

    • Consciousness and Cognition,

    • Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica,

    • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy,

    • Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.





  • Associate Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick (UK).

  • Research Fellow, Center for Subjectivity Research, Copenhagen (Denmark).

  • Fellow, Association of European Psychiatrists

  • In the year 2010 he was awarded the degree in Philosophy honoris causae.



Areas of Research


He has written extensively on the philosophical foundations of psychopathology, especially from a phenomenological and anthropological viewpoint.


The main themes of his research are the following:

  • the vulnerability to psychotic disorders, particularly the subjective experience of vulnerability in persons with schizophrenia;

  • the concept of ‘common sense’ and its relationship with major psychoses;

  • the psychopathogenesis of major depression (melancholia), with special reference to the pre-morbid personality called typus melancholicus;

  • the psychopathology of delusions, with special reference to the relation between obsessions and delusions;

  • the phenomenology and psychopathology of emotional life, in particular in borderline syndromes;

  • the process, the techniques and the problems related to the exploration of subjectivity in persons affected by mental disorders;

  • the philosophical foundations, i.e. epistemological and ethical, of psychology and psychopathology, especially from a phenomenological and anthropological angle.

He develops his research within an international network whose main topic is the integration between psychology, psychopathology, philosophy and the neurosciences.

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